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Calm Radio Subscriptions - About Recurring Subscriptions

As a convenience to our members, all memberships except Lifetime memberships are entered into recurring billing. Also when in recurring billing, your membership fee is locked in and cannot increase. Your credit card or Paypal is re-billed automatically on the renewal date. Don't worry, you may easily opt out of recurring billing at any time.

Please note, that if you do have a recurring billing membership, the pricing of the original term will remain unchanged even if our prices increase.

To cancel your recurring credit card or Paypal subscription payment, you must visit the Calm Radio "My Account" menu, which is located at the top of our website. You will get an automated confirmation email after you cancel.

All recurring billing cancellations must be received at least 24 hours in advance of your recurring payment renewal should you wish to cancel. Please note there are no refunds for recurring billing once the charge has been processed.

Recurring billing also cannot be reactivated once cancelled therefore previous pricing cannot be retreived even if prices increase.

Refunds and Cancellations

We guarantee that you will love Calm Radio's Membership channels. If you are having issues connecting please email us with your phone number and an appropriate time to call, and we'll get you up and running. Often the issue is simple to fix. Within 7 days of the date of your first initial purchase, we'll give you your money back if requested. This applies only to a first-time new member purchase only. Subsequent purchases, recurring renewals or upgrades are no subject to refunds or pro-rated credits.

There are no refunds on charges for recurring billing after the transaction has renewed.

To cancel your recurring billing, simply use the "My Account" menu at the very top of the website. You will receive a receipt for your cancellation. If notifying us by email to cancel your membership, you must notify us at least 48 hours if you wish to cancel your recurring billing before your next renewal date.

Cancellations will only be accepted by either: 1) by using the My Account menu at the extreme top of the website or b) in writing by email and only accepted and confirmed by us. Telephone message cancellations are not accepted. You MUST keep a copy of any and all email correspondence regarding your cancellation as proof. Again, we do not accept cancellations by phone, nor by leaving a phone message.


When accessing the Calm Radio website, you will not:

  • Share your login credentials
  • Reproduce, copy or distribute any and all copyrighted materials, including music, text, artwork logos and any and all intellectual property materials.
  • Record any music (It is strictly forbidden by law and you are stealing from hard-working artists)
  • Make Calm Radio's services available to any third party over a network where it can be used by others
  • Rent, lease or sublicense any of Calm Radio's services


We reserve the right to add and/or remove channels from our listings at any time.

Calm Radio Support Policy

We are here to help. Our friendly support is very personal and unrivalled. We'll even call you. Simply send us an email or call us with your phone number to set up an appointment and we'll fix your problem.

We respond to all emails very quickly. However, please double-check that your return email address is correct. Also, check your junk mail folder. In the unlikely event you don't hear back from us in 24 hours, please email us again.

Customer Support Contact Information:

Calm Radio
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